We are a independently run business founded on the idea of bringing a reliable method for you to get paid for your unwanted gold, silver and other jewellery.


We value our customers and we are dedicated to offering you quality service of the highest integrity.

We pride ourselves on being professional and genuine when dealing with all customers.


We are knowledged in all aspects of the business aswell as including antiques.


Our prices are unbeatable due to us refining ourselves, therefore we can offer a higher rate than all of our competitors around us.

About Us

* Gold & Silver Coins, Sovereigns & Krugerrands

* Gold, Silver & Platinum Bars  

* All Foreign Gold, Silver & Platinum

* White Gold  

* Dental Gold

* Waste Silver & Silver Granules

* Industrial Gold, Silver & Platinum

* Non-hallmarked Gold & Silver

* Silver Cutlery, Trophies ect..

* All Broken & Damaged Jewellery

* Rolled Gold

What We Buy